ICSM Infinity Pageants

We are fostered by encouragement, recognition. We pride ourselves with the core values of stewardship, solidarity, social responsibility, concern for community, integrity, and excellence.

“ICSM also operates on family values of community and fellowship, with mutual giving of support and cooperation, respect and understanding among all.”

About Us

Borne out of love and passion, the ICSM Infinity Pageants is committed to seek out commitment from women and youth who exemplify the beauty that comes from serving others in the community, with purpose and productivity, spirit and enthusiasm.

Husband and wife duo Carlos and Irene Montemayor, of ICSM Infinity Pageants, faced a select number of pageant media at the intimate luncheon where they, together with their board of directors, presented their plans to uplift the staging and production of Pageants in the Philippines by presenting their upcoming national pageant in the most glamorous way possible.



Dress for Your Success is the umbrella advocacy program of ICSM Infinity Pageants.

Dress for YOUR Success is to empower women and youth to achieve economic independence, excellent social and interpersonal skills by providing support, professional attire, personal and social empowerment,and the personal development tools to help women thrive and succeed in work and in life.

ICSM Infinity Pageants Directors with members of the Pageant Press Society of the Philippines – Tristan Francisco of The Philippine Pageantry, Tita Lavinia of Titas of Pageantry, Anton Eder of Pageant Talk, and Edge Tenoria of Pageanthology 101, with Arvin Cabachete of ENP.

Board of Directors

Carlos Montemayor – Executive and Managing Director

Irene Montemayor– Director, National Pageant, Operations and Corporate Development

Ton Lao– Director for Creative Affairs

Jace Chiong– Director for Corporate Communications

Norman Tinio– head for Publicity and Media

Mr. Norman Tinio, Head for Publicity and Media; Irene and Carlos Montemayor; Jace Chiong, Director for Corporate Communications

Beauty Queen Organizer

Irene Birgonia Montemayor, is the current Mrs. Global Philippines 2019 and the Mrs. Global Universe 2019 4th Runner-up. Her experience in both the national and International Pageants pushed for her to pursue this Philippine Global Queens because she wants the standards and experiences be at par to such queenly titles.

“I have lived a life with purpose. As a loving wife, dutiful mother, caring daughter, wonderful friend, and passionate colleague, I have always lived a life that is well lived for others. Acquiring various Miss pageant franchises will serve as a great platform for me to pursue my advocacy.”

Dress for Your Success

“The mission of my advocacy ‘Dress for Success’ is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional and business attire and the development and empowerment tools to help women and youth prosper and thrive in work and in life.

“My stint at Culiat High School in Quezon City brought joys and life changing experiences to the hearts of many. Seeing the teachers and students, I am touched that I have created a big impact in their lives. ‘Dress for Success’ opened doors to self-awareness, self-worth, self-respect, and value of self. I really felt more than joy in my heart, that with my simple gesture, I have touched the lives of others.

“I will continue to further my purpose in serving the lives of our women and youth and will definitely make a difference in the society where I am in, in the world where I live. I am Irene Montemayor, ICSM Director National Pageant, Operations and Corporate Development, a woman of purpose and a woman with a big heart for others. Wherever my heart is – wherever my truth is – that’s where I have found my reason to smile, live, and serve. In Philippine Global Queens, I serve with beauty, passion, purpose, and inspiration.”

Philippine Global Queens Pageant

Miss Cosmos Philippines,
Miss Regency International Philippines
Miss Philippines Global United
Miss Philippines United International
Miss Philippines Continents
Miss Philippines United Nations

All the above titles will be of equal importance, and the winners will all be sent to the US-based international counterparts. Yes, you’ve read it right! If you want to partake of that American Dream and visit the United States in your most glamorous version, with all expenses paid, then this is the Pageant for you to join!

united nations
united international
global united